Q2 2018 Updates

What's New?

What's New? - PDFs get generated directly from schematics - Adjust font size for schematic elements - Enable Page View and edit page size and orientation

Generate Schematic PDF

Generate Schematic PDF PDF export button is located on the schematic toolbar. Enter a file name (defaults to the schematic name), select the orientation and paper size then click the green Export button. MBO will generate the schematic and after a few seconds your download link will be available.

Schematic Font Size

Adjusting Font Size When editing a schematic, the font size can now be changed. The Font Dropdown is located at the end of the toolbar. Behaviour is the same as adjusting font size in any other application: select schematic element(s) and pick new font size from dropdown. Note: The system will remember the last font size selection and apply that font size to any schematic elements and/or flow lines added thereafter to the schematic. Note: Changes in the font size may result in a requireme...

Schematic Page View (Page Boundaries)

Schematic Page View (Page Boundaries) Enabling Page View when building a schematic is easy. Under the View menu, select Page View. This is a toggle similar to the other View options such as Grid. Toggling Page View will show or hide the page view boundaries. The default page boundaries are Landscape Tabloid (17" x 11"). This can be changed under the File menu Page Setup... option. Exporting to PDF With Page View enabled, exporting to PDF reveals a new Export Options, Fit-to-Page an...