Schematic Page View (Page Boundaries)

Schematic Page View (Page Boundaries)

Enabling Page View when building a schematic is easy. Under the View menu, select Page View. This is a toggle similar to the other View options such as Grid. Toggling Page View will show or hide the page view boundaries.

The default page boundaries are Landscape Tabloid (17" x 11"). This can be changed under the File menu Page Setup... option.


Exporting to PDF

With Page View enabled, exporting to PDF reveals a new Export OptionsFit-to-Page and Actual Size

Fit-to-Page will generate a PDF scaling the schematic to fit within the bounds of the selected export paper size (it will always be a 1 page export).

Actual Size will generate a PDF according to the paper dimensions and orientation defined in the Page Setup and how the schematic is built. If the schematic is built across 3 Letter Landscape pages, the PDF will be generated on 3 Letter Landscape pages. Exporting to Actual Size will always add an extra page which will contain the schematic's legend.

Page Scale: Changing the Size of the Page Boundary

There is also a Page Scale... option available under the View menu. This allows you to scale the page boundary while keeping the schematic the same size. Setting a Page Scale of 200% will double the size of the page boundary allowing a multi-page schematic to be on fewer pages.

Page Scale is a great option to use if you want a multi-page schematic to fit onto one page without having to reposition and resize all equipment and flow lines