Problems working with Schematics

I can't see my schematics!

It may be that you are running with an old version of a web browser. Please make sure it is up to date for a happier experience. We support the following operating systems & browsers:

Windows & Mac:

Windows - Internet Explorer

iPad and Android tablets:

  • schematics are viewable on tablets. However if you are planning on changing schematics, you'll want to use a laptop or workstation.
  • If your Android device operating system is less than 4.0, you can only work in with a Chrome browser.


I can't connect two pieces of equipment

Hover over the first piece of equipment, when you see the green circle, click and drag to the equipment you want to connect to. Don't stop dragging until you see a green circle over the item you are connecting to. Let go of the mouse button once you see that green box and your connection will be made.

I'm working with an up-to-date browser and am still having issues!

Our apologies! Send an email describing the issue to and we'll get you up and running.