Clone a Schematic

Can I Clone/Copy a Schematic Yes, at the top of the Schematic viewer there is a clone button which you can use to clone the entire schematic or just certain sites. We have more detailed instructions on our Vimeo Site ( If you are building a lot of schematics that are almost all the same, get in touch with our team and we can assist in mass cloning schematic for you. (

Equipment Type Does Not Exist

I want to add an Equipment Type that doesn't exist on the left hand side. If there is an Equipment Type missing, we can help you. Send an email describing what you'd like to add and we'll make it happen (

Exporting and Printing Schematics

How Do I export a Schematic As PDF? How Can I Print a Schematic? MBO has a convenient button which converts a schematic directly to a PDF. Locate and click this button on the schematic toolbar. Enter a file name (defaults to the schematic name), select the orientation and paper size then click the green Export button. MBO will generate the schematic and after a few seconds your download link will be available. Use your favour PDF program to open, view, and print your schematic.

See Equipment on Schematic

Where can I see a summary of all of the equipment I've added to schematics? Click Equipment, then Equipment List on the top toolbar. That screen shows all of the equipment that you've created to date. Use the search box just above the equipment list to narrow down the list (for example, search for "meters").

Problems working with Schematics

I can't see my schematics! It may be that you are running with an old version of a web browser. Please make sure it is up to date for a happier experience. We support the following operating systems & browsers: Windows & Mac: * Chrome * Our strong recommendation - It is fast and Enables Voice Recognition! ( Windows - Internet Explorer * Please upgrade to IE 11+ (