Power Search

Power Search Searching in muddyboots.online just got an upgrade! The advanced power search feature now allows you to narrow your data quickly so you can find what you need. Look for power search as displayed below. Note: not all data tables have power search enabled at this time. How does it work? Power search is a narrowing search, similar to a Google search. By adding more search terms, the results will continue to be narrowed. Example: Searching just Tank will show all types of tan...

Delete Equipment

**How Can I Delete Equipment From MBO?** If you want to delete an Equipment master entry from the MBO database from the Schematic editor * Edit Schematic * Highlight Equipment * Click on the trash can icon * Save Schematic If you get an MBO Notification saying the Equipment could not be deleted from MBO, it may be because it has recorded Activities or Equipment Mapping associated with it. If you want to delete an Equipment master entry with recorded Activities _OR_ delete Equip...

Removing a User

Only your Company Admin can remove or deactivate a user from muddyboots.online If you are a Company Admin * in muddyboots.online navigate to the Company Admin page under your email's dropdown menu * Click on the user's name you wish to remove from the Employees table * When you are sure you want to remove this user, click on the red delete button * This will attempt to delete the user from muddyboots.online. If the user's account cannot be deleted, it will be marked...

Forgot Password

I've Forgotten my Password There is a password reset link below the sign-in form at app.muddyboots.online (https://app.muddyboots.online/) Here is the direct link to the password reset page (https://app.muddyboots.online/password_resets/new)

Read Only Users

Can I create "Read Only" users within my company? You bet. When creating a new user within your company just don't check any of the security roles. That will allow them to view content but not make any changes.

Link Facility to Site

How can I link my Facility IDs to my sites? If you already have schematics in muddyboots.online, click on Sites/List Sites then export them to Excel. There is a place to add your facility IDs and facility sub-types in the Excel file. Once the Excel file is up to date go back into muddyboots.online, click on Sites/Import Sites and upload the Excel file that has your Facility ID codes. That's all, you're done! :)

Surface Locations with (?)

Why do some of my surface locations show up with (?) at the end? Currently, muddyboots.online validates surface locations against the following survey systems: * Dominion Land Survey (DLS) - Example: 12-08-068-08W6 * National Topographic Series (NTS) - Example: c-26-F/93-K-16 * Federal Permit System (FPS) - Example: A88 99-45 120-60 * Lat/Long - Example: 51.028872,-114.145992 The (?) symbol will show up when your surface location doesn't conform to the naming standards of any ...

EPAP and Direction 017 Compliance

Does muddyboots.online cover all requirements under Section 1.9 of Directive 0 17? Using muddyboots.online to manage your schematics will not automagically make you compliant to all requirements of Directive 17. There are many components of the directive that are not related to the tool you are using to manage your schematics. It's still important that you read and understand the directive (sorry!) :)

How do I get started?

Option 1 - Clean Slate Start building your schematics from scratch. Check out this video to help you get started: Basic Schematic Creation (https://vimeo.com/58254698) Option 2 - Site Master upload Upload an Excel file that has all your fields, sites and facility codes using the Import Sites screen. This screen shows you how to label the columns so that our import process will properly understand what you're uploading. To create an empty Excel file that you can populate with your site info...