Removing a User

Only your Company Admin can remove or deactivate a user from

If you are a Company Admin

  • in navigate to the Company Admin page under your email's dropdown menu

  • Click on the user's name you wish to remove from the Employees table
  • When you are sure you want to remove this user, click on the red delete button

  • This will attempt to delete the user from If the user's account cannot be deleted, it will be marked as inactive and they won't be able to log in to use

    In order to keep a complete audit trail of changes made on, a user's account cannot be deleted if they have made changes to Schematics, verified Schematics, or recorded Activities.

Once an account is inactive, a Company Admin can reactivate the account if they wish following the same steps above but now clicking on the reactivate button. The reactivated user will then receive an email with instructions on how to set their account's password.