What's New? What has Changed?

What's New?

  • Sidebar Search box to filter schematic elements
  • Save/Error status messages with improved schematic element highlighting
  • New Visual category added to side bar that includes a text box schematic element
  • New Format Panel which includes advance features
    • Diagram panel to easily change page options (grid, guides, page view, paper size)
    • Style panel to change the borders of delineators/text boxes and enable Line jumps for flow lines
    • Text panel to edit text formatting (Bold, Italic, Underline, Font Size), positioning, and toggle text on/off
    • Arrange panel to resize, move, rotate, flip, align, and distribute schematic elements
  • Cleaner toolbar with additional buttons that all have their own shortcuts
  • Not in Service Periods for equipment and the ability to pause a recurring schedule

What has Changed?

  • The toolbar
    • Addition of new buttons:
      • View - dropdown to toggle the Outline window and Format Panel
      • Zoom - dropdown to select zoom levels, Fit Window, or Fullscreen
      • Center Align - center align schematic elements
      • Middle Align - middle align schematic elements
    • Removal of some buttons:
      • Actual Size
      • Fit Window and Fullscreen added to the new View dropdown
    • Font Size dropdown moved to the new Format Panel
      • Changing Font Size is no longer sticky. We found this to be confusing and problematic when adding new schematic elements and creating new flow lines.
  • Removed some padding around the schematic tool so it fits the browser's window better especially when editing in Fullscreen mode
  • Remapping of shortcut keys
    • Ctrl+P opens PDF Export options
    • Ctrl+E center aligns selected schematic elements
    • Ctrl+U underlines selected schematic element's text
    • Ctrl+Shift+U ungroups grouped schematic elements