Format Panel

The Format Panel consists of a bunch of advance and handy features made more accessible to use when building a schematic. The Format Panel is found on the righthand side of the schematic editor area. If you don't see it, there are a few ways to toggle the Format Panel; from the new View toolbar dropdown button, from the View menu dropdown, or with the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+P (Cmd+Shift+P). The Format Panel's options change depending on what schematic element(s) you have selected or if you have nothing selected.

Diagram Panel


The Diagram panel is only visible when no schematic element is selected. This panel gives you easy access to toggle the Grid or Guides, enable Page View, and adjust your Paper size and orientation.









When any schematic element is selected, the Diagram panel will be replaced by 3 panels: Style, Text, and Arrange.

Style Panel


When you have a Delineator or Text box selected, the Style panel allows for the toggling of a white background/fill, and the changing of the line type and thickness. Line types options are solid, dashed, and 3 different types of dotted.








With a piece of equipment selected you can toggle a white background in the Style panel.






With a flow line selected you can enable different types of Line jumps. This is covered in greater detail in the Line Jumps article.



Text Panel


The Text panel displays the same options regardless of what schematic element(s) you have selected. You can toggle the font styling just like in other program (bold, italic, underline, align: left, right, center), change the font size, and vertical text orientation. You can also change the position of the text from bottom (default), center, or top e.g. position tank name inside (center) of tank. You can also toggle text visibility. This is useful when there are multiple flow lines of the same type going into a header and having all of the flow line text is redundant and looks messy.




Align Panel


The Align panel displays the same options when either a Delineator/Text box or equipment is selected. It gives access to the same options under the Arrange menu dropdown as well as some new tools such as the ability to precisely resize, move, and rotate elements. You can also copy the size of an element and paste it onto another element within the same schematic to ensure size consistency.











Having more than one schematic element selected shows the Align, Distribute, and Group/Ungroup options. Align - aligns selected schematic elements in relation to each other, Distribute - equally spaces selected schematic elements in relation to each other, Group/Ungroup - adds all selected schematic elements into one element which can be moved, rotated, resized, etc... Schematic elements inside of a group can still be individually selected and modified.




The Align panel when Flow line(s) are selected allows you to send to Back/Front or Reverse direction of flow.